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1713 Poll Book

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Names of the Persons,
Together with the
Places of their Freehold and Abode,
Knights of the Shire
For the COUNTY of
At the last ELECTION held at AYLESBURY,
September the Second and Third, 1713.

Hatton Tash, Esq; of Iver, High-Sheriff.

Candidates. Numbers on the Poll.
The Right Honourable John Verney,
    Lord Viscount Fermannagh,
John Fletewode, Esq,2061.
Sir Edmund Denton, Bar,1907.
Richard Hampden, Esq,1942.

LONDON, Printed in the Year, MDCCXIV

1713 Poll Book Introduction


Names of the Persons, together with the Places of their Freehold and Abode, who voted for Knights of the Shire for the County of BUCKS, &c. with the respective Names of the several Towns, Villages and Endships for which they Polled; digested in Order according to the HUNDREDS, and from thence disposed Alphabetically into PARISHES.

Note, Where the Freeholders declared the Places of their Abode different and at other Places from where their Freeholds lay, is here specified in the second Column; and as for the Names of those who did not Swear according to the Act, but Affirmed, they being few, it has been thought proper to place them by themselves, to avoid putting the Words Jurat and Affirmat before each Freeholders Name, as directed by the Act.

Note, A great many Mistakes, both as to Towns and Persons, are unavoidable by reason of the Clerks false Spelling the Persons Names, and for want of Distinction of Towns of a like Sound and Name.

Newport Hundreds.
Freeholders Names.Places of their Abode
if not Sherington.
Robert Adams -   XX
Robert Bavington -   XX
Thomas BoswoodWhitechapel, LondonXX  
John CarpenterPassenham, Co. Northamps.XX  
John Chybnal - XX  
John ClareAffirmed  XX
William Clare -   XX
John CourseSouthwark, Co. Surrey  XX
Thomas Course -   XX
John Cunningham -   XX
John Feild -   XX
William Feild -   XX
Alden FullerNewnton LonguevilleXX  
William Glover - XX  
Francis Guttridge - XX  
William HartwellOlney  XX
Edward Hooton - XX  
John Hooton - XX  
John Houghton - XX  
Charles Jackson -   XX
Thomas Knight - XX  
Thomas KnightSouthwark, Co. Surrey  XX
Thomas Lawton -   XX
James Lucas -   XX
John Marshall -   XX
Thomas MarshallAffirmed  XX
John Reddy -   XX
Edward RichardsonChichelyXX  
John Sherman - XX  
James SmithPassenham, Co. Northamp.  XX
William Warr -   XX

The table has been sorted into alphabetical order of surname

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Those who affirmed

1713 Poll Book - Affirmed

Hundreds.Parishes.No. of Votes.Ver.Flet.Den.Ha.Pag.
1713 Poll Book - Summary
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