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Weddings in Tyringham

Weddings in Tyringham involving Sherington People 1576 - 1836

6th Oct. 1700	David Millington of Sherrington,	by banns
		Mary Blan (?) of Filgrave.

9th Nov. 1718	John Fisher of Sherrington
		Aime Bare (?) of Filgrave.

28 Apr. 1726	Edward Hooton of Sherrington	by banns
		Mary Ralph of Filgrave

25th Sept. 1743	John Robinson of Sherrington	by banns
		Sarah Smyth	O T P.

13th Dec. 1747	John Welch of Sherrington
		Ann Old		O T P.

26th Mar.1771	Daniel X Ridley of Sherington	by banns
		Mary X France	O T P.
		by J Wynter	wits John France & Rebecca Ratcliff

1st Oct. 1773	William x Smith of Sherrington	by banns
		Mary x Scott	O T P.
		by J.W.		wits. John x Boyes & John Leech.

5 Mar. 1781	Bartholomew Corse (?) of Sherington	by banns
		Mary Cosley (?) of Filgrave
		by J.W.		wits. James x Thompson & John Boyes.

31st Aug. 1786	John x Swibley (?)  O T P.  widr.
		Elizabeth x Dennis of Sherrington   Bt.
		by J.W.		wits. Theophilus Dagitu & Wm. Mattocks

12th Feb.		John Simco of Sherington  Bt.		
		Elizabeth Pakes	O T P.
		by J.W.		wits. Joseph Pakes & Elizabeth Leach.

3rd July 1804	Gerye Griggs of Sherrington	by banns
		Hannah France	O T P.
		by J.W.		wits. ??ard Tandy & Sarah Griggs.

25th Dec. 1815	James x Umney of Sherington
		Elizabeth x Johnson	OTP.
		W C O P John Pretyman Rec. of Sherington
				Wits. Matilda Umney & Ann Learner (?)

23rd Mar. 1818	William x Johnson	OTP
		Sarah West of Sherrington	by banns
		By W.S		wits. Withan Sutton & Sarah Straham (?)

23rd Apr. 1821	William Lane of Sherington
		Comfort x Johnson	OTP  by banns
				Wits. John x Lane & Mary Ann x Brookes

21st June 1821	Edward Coleman of Sherington
		Susannah Pateman	OTP	by banns
		By W.S. 	wits. Charlotte Pateman & Hester Petts.

Banns were read out for the following,

June 1764	James Joyce  OTP.  & Elizabeth Clare of Sherington.

Dec. 1825	Jerimiah Vister of Sherrington & Sarah Pateman, OTP.

(From Bucks FHS Records, NA.)

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