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Posse Comitatus 1798

The Posse Comitatus was a list of men between the ages of 16 and 60, who were not already in the army, but who could be conscripted to serve. It includes a list of those with horses and carts. The list was compiled because there was a belief that the French might attempt to invade England.

Listed by Occupation

Dryden Smith			Dryden Smith
James Stapleton

John Bates			Samuel Boddington
Thomas Davison			Thomas Dawkes
Thomas Dawkes, Jnr		William Field
Benjamin Griggs			William Oddell
Thomas Platt			Thomas Riddy Snr
Thomas Riddy, Jnr		Richard Shreive, Jnr

John Austin			Robert Austin
William Battison		Thomas Cooper
William Goodridge		Joshua Parish
John Slayter

Mat Makers
John Britton			John Brooks
John Dayrell			John How, Jnr
Edward Joyce			Joseph Joyce
William Joyce			Richard Knight
John Lyne			Thomas Potts
James Smith			John Smith
William Smith			William Tandy
John Tarry			Willain Tarry
John Thompson			Joseph Thompson
William  Thompson		John Umney
Thomas Umney			William Umney
Henry Ward			Isaac Ward

Thomas Coles			Thomas Goodridge, Apprentice 
John Simco			Joseph Mead

Taylors (Sic)
Thomas Alwood, Apprentice (Lame)	William Alwood (Infirm)
George Boon

Robert Coleman (Lame)		Thomas Tandy
James Thomson, Jnr

Richard Tandy

Plaisterer (sic)
Thomas Lathwood

Wiliam Kendall

Richard Clare			John Day

Thomas Britton			???. Clark
James Goodman			Henry Holland
William Proctor			Arthur Rose
John Rose			John Rose. Jnr
Mathew Rose			William Rose
William Spooner

James Cox			Richard Eyres
William Pooley			Sampson Wills

John Rogers			Robert Ross

Thomas Busby			George Griggs
Richard Haynes			Stephen Pettit

Joseph Bunker			Francis Warr
William Warr, Jnr (Deaf)

George King			John King
John Richards

Turnpike Men
John Smith			Richard Smith

Martin Brown			Martin Brown, Jnr
Join Scaldwell			John Windmill

Parish Clerk
James Joyce

William Course

William Allan 			Richard Brook
Thomas Brown 			Richard Dalton 
Richard Friday 			Samuel How
Thomas Lyne 			Daniel Riddy 
Thomas Rogers 			John Tooth 
Edward West			Abraham Barrett
William Brooks			Henry Buckmaster
Richard Durham			Francis Geary
John Joyce			Joseph Palmer
Daniel Riddy			John Smith
John Travellor			Charles ??.. 

Israel Allen			John Baves 
Reuben Button			Thomas Coleman, Jnr
Joseph Downing			Francis Feazey
Richard Feazey			William Fox
Francis Goodridge		Jeremiah Healey
John Jennings			Samuel Kitchener
Joseph Litty			Thomas Lyne
John Parrot			Thomas Salmon
Thomas Saunders, Jnr		Thomas Shrieve
Thomas Staples, Snr		James Sturges
Jeremiah Thealer (Lame)		Joseph Warren
John Austin			John Britton (deaf)
John Clark			John Collop
John Edmonds			John Feazey
William Fisher (near sighted)	Thomas France
John Goodridge			James Hooton
John Key			John Lane
Henry Luck			Benjamin Palmer
John Perry			Thomas Saunders
Samuel Shinfield		Richard Smith
William Staples, Jnr		George Travel
William Walker			John West

Persons keeping Draught Horses
John Bates413
Samuel Boddington422
William Brooks823
John Clayton413
Thomas Davison713
Thomas Dawkes5-3
William Field723
Benjamin Griggs613
..... Nicholls412
Thomas Platt412
Thomas Riddy412
John Rogers1663
Robert Ross511
..... Smith413*
* kept at Sherington tho' he lives at Newport

Details for the rest of Buckinghamshire can be found in 'The Buckinghamshire Posse Comitatus 1798', Ian F W Beckett, Buckinghamshire Record Society No. 22, 1985. The Sherington entry is on pages 287 to 289.

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