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World War 1 - Roll of Honour

Roll of Honour: men who served in the 1st world war.

A framed ornate wall plaque hanging on the west wall inside St Laud's Church.










of the men who served in H.M.forces from
during the great war 1914 - 1918.

	Allfrey F			Cooper J			Hillyard G.C.
	Austin L			Crossman G		Holland H
	Bailey A.H.		Dunkley J			Holtan A
	Bailey E			Field F.J.			Holtan A.A.W.
	Bailey F			Fisher H			Holtan S
	Bailey P			Fleet A.F.			Jefferson A
	Blomefield H.A.G.		Fleet R			Jefferson C.B.
	Borton A.W.		Gardner G.O.		Johnson T.A.
	Borton A			Gardner G.O.		KeevesW.G.
	Borton J			Gooby W			King A
	Brooks A.J.		Haynes C.J.		Line A
	Bull J.J.			Hickson A.G.		Line F.H.
	Clutton J			Hickson F.W.		Line H.G.
	Coleman A		Hickson H			Line R
	Cook-Yarborough J.R.		Hill G.C.			Line S.J.

	Lloyd T.I.			Robinson T		Watts P
	Mainwaring J.W.		Rose C.A.			Watts T.C.
	Markham F.J.		Rose J			Watts W.J.
	Marshal A.T.		Rose T.S.			Woodford W
	Moore A.G.		Rose W. J.		Wright C
	Moore J.H.			Saner E			Wright E
	Moore J			Simms W			Wright G
	Moore E.S.		Slater C.F.			Wright P
	Moseley F.B.		Smith H.D.		Wright W.C.
	Norman H.S.		Taylor J		
	Parrott F			Tillyard H
	Pateman A.H.		Warren G
	Pulley A			Warren H.J.
	Robinson F		Watts F.W.
	Robinson S		Watts P.G.

List of men who died in the 1st world war - Large memorial plaque.

To the memory of those
from the parish who laid
down their lives in the
Great War of 1914 - 1918.
1916, 1917, 1918, Francis Bailey Percy Bailey Alfred Jefferson Arthur J Brooks Adolphus A.W.Holton J.H.Gordon Moore F. Herbert Line Charles B. Jefferson Henry S.Norman E. Stanley Moore William C. Wright.

Below the above plaque is a wooden plaque.

To the memory of
Herbert C.Nursaw
who gave his life
in the world war 1939 - 1945.

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