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Oath of Allegiance 1723 - 1724

Residents of Sherington who took the Oaths of Allegiance to King George in 1723 - 1724

"These are to certify whom it may concern, that at the General Seffions of the Peace, held in and for the County of Bucks by adjournment out off Aylesbury the Eleventh day of December in the Fourth Year of the Reign of our Sovereign Lord King GEORGE, &c. etc. etc."

This oath of allegiance, was restricted to all persons over 18 years of age who held freehold, copyhold or leasehold lands within the County (parish in this case).

	Margaret Adams	widow	N/A		Robert Babbington		X
	Robert Adams		Lit		Anne Barton	Wid	X
	Jonathan Brittaine		Lit		Daniel Broughton		Lit
	John Chibnall		Lit		Thomas Course		X
	John Field			X		John Glover		Lit
	Francis Goodridge		X		Edward Hooton		Lit
	John Hooton		X		Edward Joyce		X
	Sarah Leaper	Wid	X		Richard Leapidge		Lit
	Christopher Low		Lit		William Lucas		Lit
	John Marshall		Lit		Thomas Millington		Lit
	Thomas Newman		X		John Odell			Lit
	William Osborne		X		Robert Perry		X
	John Phipps		Lit		Thomas Richards		X
	John Robinson		X		Robert Rogers		Lit
	John Sharman		Lit		Alice Smith		X
	John Thompson		X		Thomas Umney		Lit
	Richard Umney		N/A		John Umney		X

Quakers who took this oath of allegiance, 1723 - 1724.

	Henry Clare		X		John Clare			X
	Thomas Coales (senior)	Lit		William Coales		Lit
	Thomas Marshall (senior)	Lit

There were no Catholic residents of Sherington listed, amongst the documents checked. 1717 - 1748.

	Lit........Could read or write
	Widr.. ..Widower
	N?A.....Not known.
	(?)........Query, maybe not decipherable.
	OTP.....Of this parish
	By........Officiating minister.

(From Bucks FHS Records, 19. 1. 2003, NA.)

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