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1841 Census - Introduction


The following tables have been transcribed from the 1841 census.

There were 196 households with a total population of 856.

The name, address, relationship, sex, age and occupation is recorded for each person. Ages for most people over the age of 15 were rounded down to the nearest multiple of 5.

The census was taken on 12th June 1841 by Thomas Sergeant (Enumerator) and checked by Samuel Griggs (Registrar). Enumeration District 19 covered 'all that other part of the Parish of Sherington lying to the East and West of the Turnpike Road with Water Lane and Church End'.

Calves End and Sherington Bridge were part of Enumeration District 18 which also included Chicheley.

The original transcription was undertaken by Colin Davis and Norman Arnold in 2004. This has been checked and several corrections made in 2012.

It should be noted that the copy of the census used for the transcription was of poor quality and various names could not be deciphered. It is recommended that the transcription be used only as a guide and the original should be consulted to confirm the details.





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