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1911 Census - Introduction


The following tables have been transcribed from the 1911 census.

There were 143 households with a total population of 496, a decrease of 52 people in the ten years since the previous census in 1901. There were 16 other buildings recorded as being unoccupied, plus 10 buildings not used as dwellings.

The name, address, relationship, status, age, occupation and birthplace is recorded for each person. Length of marriage, numbers of children still alive or died, infirmities, plus the number of rooms, are also listed.

The census was taken on the night of Sunday 2nd April 1911. The census enumerator was William Powell, Head Teacher of Sherington School, who lived in Parsonage Lane .

This was the first census where the head of the household was responsible for completing the census form him/herself. The transcription includes information that was crossed out, because in most cases this was additional information that was not officially required (e.g. the numbers of children of widows, and one daughter who was not resident on that night, but in Bucks County Asylum), rather than being wrong.

It is recommended that you compare the 1911 census data with that of the 1910 Land Survey, which provides additional information on both owners and occupiers of the property in the village in approximately the same time period. It also includes detailed maps showing where people actually lived.

If you spot a mistake in the transcription, please tell us, so we can correct it.


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