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St Laud's Monument Inscriptions

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Plan of Churchyard
Do you require further information?

As there are nearly 600 people recorded on the monumental inscriptions, only brief details of each grave can be given here. If you are researching your family history and would like further information, ie: the detailed inscription from the headstone and a photo of a particular grave, the Society will be happy to email this to you.

Please email us with your request, stating the number of the grave you are interested in and the person's name.

Grave Location Numbers

The churchyard has been divided into a number of areas indicated by a letter, see the plan on the right. Within each area the graves have been numbered. So, for example, location '26g' is grave 26 in area 'g'.

The two areas 'crw' and 'cre' are used for cremations.

Survey Date

The records include all monuments up to October 2004.



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