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1722 Poll Book

1722 Poll Book Cover

Names of the Persons,
Together with the
Places of their Freehold and Abode,
Knights of the Shire
For the COUNTY of
At the Last ELECTION held at AYLESBURY,
April the Fourth and Fifth, 1722.

Daniel Baker, Esq; High-Sheriff.

Candidates. Numbers on the Poll.
Sir Thomas Lee, Baronett,2415.
Mountague Garrard Drake, Esq,2441.
Fleetwood Dormer, Esq,1704.

LONDON; Printed in the Year, 1722.


NameIf AffirmAbode if not SheringtonCandidates voted for
Robert Adams    Do
Robert Babbington    Do
Jonathan Brittaine    Do
John Chibnall  LDr 
John ClareAffirm.   Do
Thomas ColesAffirm.   Do
William ColesAffirm.   Do
John Course Lambeth, Surrey  Do
Thomas Course    Do
John Feild    Do
Alden Fuller Buckingham  Do
John Glover    Do
Francis Gutteridge  LDr 
Thomas Homely  LDr 
Edward Hooton  LDr 
John Hooton  LDr 
Charles Jackson  LDr 
Christopher Low  LDr 
James Lucas    Do
James Lucas Hitchin, Hertfordsh. LDr 
John Marshall    Do
Thomas MarshallAffirm.   Do
Thomas Millington    Do
Richard Philips NewportLDr 
John Phipps   Do
Edward Richards ChicherleyLDr 
John Rushead Cambridge  Do
John Sharman  LDr 
Francis Warr Stoke Hammond  Do

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1722 Poll Book - Sherington 1722 Poll Book - Sherington
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