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1918 Register Of Electors

Register of Electors, 1918.

Buckingham Parliamentary Division



Polling District of SHERINGTON (AA)



Division I. contains the names of those persons who are entitled to vote both as parliamentary electors and as local government electors.

Division II. contains the names of those persons who are entitled to vote as parliamentary electors but not as local government electors.

Division III. contains the names of those persons who are entitled to vote as local government electors but not as parliamentary electors.

    NOTE. - † Persons against whose names the mark † is placed are not entitled to vote in respect of that
                  entry at Elections of County Councillors.
                  ‡ Persons against whose names the mark ‡ is placed are not entitled to vote in respect of that
                  entry at Elections of Rural District Councillors or Guardians.
                  § Persons against whose names the mark § is placed are not entitled to vote in respect of that
                  entry in the case of a Borough or Urban District at Elections for Borough or District Councillors
                  as the case may be and in the case of a Parish at Elections for Parish Councillors or at
                  Parish Meetings.
                  * Persons against whose names the mark * is placed will vote at another polling place at
                  Parliamentary Elections.
                  a Persons against whose names the letter a is placed are absent voters.

                  In the fourth column the following abbreviations are used :
                           R = Residence qualification.
                        B P = Business premises qualification.
                           O = Occupation qualification.
                        H O = Qualification through husband's occupation.
                        N M = Naval or military voter.

No.Names in full
Surname first
Residence or property occupied
and abode of non-resident occupier.
  AA 109AlIfrey, Emily TheodosiaThe LaurelsH OH O
aAA 110Allfrey, Frank EdwardDo.      do.N MO
aAA 111Ashworth, JohnWoods. (Abode - Nottingham.)N MO
  AA 112Attwood, Sarah AnnHigh StreetOO
  AA 113Bailey, Clara KeziaOak VillaH OH O
  AA 114Bailey, TomDo.      do.RO
  AA 115Barnett, AliceSpringwell VillaH OH O
  AA 116Barnett, Henry FrederickDo.      do.RO
  AA 117Bason, Eliza AnnFar FarmH OH O
  AA 118Bason, Herbert JacobDo.RO
  AA 119Bennett, Percy JohnWater LaneRO
aAA 120Blomefield, Henry Arthur GilbertThe RectoryN MO
  AA 121Blomefield, LilianDo.      do. H OH O
  AA 122Boone, FrederickHigh StreetRO
  AA 123Borton, EllenChurch EndH OH O
  AA 124Borton, GeorgeDo.      do.RO
  AA 125Brooks, GeorgeVillage FarmRO
  AA 126Brooks, HarrietDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 127Brown, MariaOak CottageOO
  AA 128Bull, Annie MatildaGun Lane H OH O
  AA 129Bull, Walter JamesDo.      do.RO
  AA 130Bunker, Naomi SarahCroft EndOO
  AA 131Burgess, Mary LouisaGriggs FarmH OH O
  AA 132Burgess, John ThomasDo.      do.RO
  AA 133Clarke, CharlottetdThe KnollH OH O
  AA 134Clarke, Charles RobertDo.      do.RO
  AA 135Clarke, FlorenceChurch RoadH OH O
  AA 136Clarke, WilliamDo.      do.RO
  AA 137Coleman, Hannah AdelaideChurch EndH OH O
  AA 138Coleman, HenryDo.      do.RO
  AA 139Coleman, Sarah AnnHills CourtOO
  AA 140Cooke-Yarborough, ClaraThe Lodge, High StreetOO
  AA 141Cooper, Ellen JaneHigh StreetH OH O
aAA 142Cooper, JosephDo.      do.N MO
  AA 143Cooper, RebeccaChurch RoadH OH O
  AA 144Cooper, WilliamDo.      do.RO
  AA 145Cooper, SarahCroft EndH 0H O
  AA 146Cooper, WilliamDo.      do.RO
  AA 147Cowley, ArthurGowles FarmRO
  AA 148Cowley, Frances MaryDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 149Cranfield, WalterPearcey Cottage, High StreetRO
  AA 150Dunkley, ElizaWater LaneOO
  AA 151Evans, ElizaDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 152Evan, JohnDo.      do.RO
  AA 153Feasey, AnnChurch RoadH OH O
  AA 154Feasey, JosephDo.      do.RO
  AA 155Feasey, Ellen LouisaPost OfficeOO
  AA 156Feasey, Sarah AnnCroft EndOO
  AA 157Field, Frederick JohnChurch FarmRO
  AA 158Field, FannyDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 159Field, Joseph BugbyChurch EndRO
  AA 160Fisher, Elizabeth HildaAsh CottageH OH O
aAA 161Fisher, HarryDo.      do.N MO
  AA 162Fleet, Ada ElizabethHigh StreetH OH O
  AA 163Fleet, George ErnestDo.      do.RO
  AA 164Fleet, Mary JaneRowan Cottage, Church EndOO
  AA 165Freeman, AnneBridge CottageH OH O
  AA 166Freeman, William JohnDo.      do.RO
  AA 167Gardner, EllenHome FarmOO
  AA 168Gardner, Henry DudleyWater LaneRO
  AA 169Garrett, AlbertSchool HouseRO
  AA 170Garret, Sarah AliceDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 171Gooby, Louisa AliceHigh StreetH OH O
aAA 172Gooby, Walter GeorgeDo.      do.N MO
  AA 173Green, Elizabeth JaneSwan InnH OH O
  AA 174Green, Ernest VictorDo.      do.RO
  AA 175Groom, JaneHigh StreetOO
  AA 176Harding, JaneThe KnollOO
  AA 177Hartup, RachelManor CottageOO
aAA 178Haynes, Charles JosephCroft EndN MO
  AA 179Hickson, Frederick ArthurChurch RoadRO
  AA 180Hickson, KathleenDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 181Hickson, Sarah MariaHigh StreetOO
aAA 182Hill, George CyrilSpringwell VillaN MO
  AA 183Hillyard, Ethel ErenaChurch EndH OH O
  AA 184Hillyard, Gaius ClareDo.      do.RO
  AA 185Hine, Clara BoonChurch RoadH OH O
  AA 186Hine, George JamesDo.      do.RO
  AA 187Hine, SarahVine CottageOO
aAA 188Holland, HarryCroft EndN MO
  AA 189Holland, Hilda AnnieDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 190Ingram, Margaret EmmaHigh StreetOO
  AA 191Jefferson, Mary ElizaMercers FarmOO
  AA 192Keys, May ElizabethThe KnollOO
  AA 193King, Albert CharlesHigh StreetRO
  AA 194Labrum, Fanny LouisaWater LaneH OH O
  AA 195Labrum, RobertDo.      do.RO
  AA 196Line, AnnieHigh StreetH OH O
  AA 197Line, BobDo.      do.RO
  AA 198Line, CharlesThe KnollRO
  AA 199Line, ElizabethDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 200Line, EmilyRoyal Oak CottageH OH O
  AA 201Line, FrederickDo.      do.RO
  AA 202Line, JohnPark LaneRO
  AA 203Line, LouisaDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 204Line, JohnChurch RoadRO
  AA 205Line, Sarah ElizabethDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 206Lloyd, Florence MaryThe NookH OH O
aAA 207Lloyd, Thomas IvesterDo.      do.N MO
  AA 208Mainwaring, GeorginaWhite Hart InnH OH O
aAA 209Mainwaring, James WilsonDo.      do.N MO
  AA 210Mapley, Ellen ElizabethHigh StreetH OH O
aAA 211Mapley, William JamesDo.      do.N MO
  AA 212Markham, ToppseyHills CourtH OH O
  AA 213Markham, WilliamDo.      do.RO
aAA 214Marshall, Alfred TurnerSherington BridgeN MO
  AA 215Marshall, Rachel MatildaDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 216Maslin, MargaretHigh StreetH OH O
  AA 217Maslin, WilliamDo.      do.RO
  AA 218Middleweek, Philip LangYew Tree FarmRO
  AA 219Middleweek, Emma JaneDo.      do.H OH O
aAA 220Moore, Arnold GeorgeGun LaneN MO
  AA 221Moore, Ada GeorginaMill HouseH OH O
  AA 222Moore, John HenryDo.      do.RO
  AA 223Moore, Rose EleanorGun LaneH OH O
  AA 224Moore, EmmaIvy CottageH OH O
  AA 225Moore, Lemuel JamesDo.      do.RO
aAA 226Moseley, Francis BertieHigh StreetN MO
  AA 227Norman, JosephCroft EndRO
  AA 228Norman, MayDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 229Nursaw, CharlesSchool LaneRO
  AA 230Nursaw, Emma ElizabethDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 231Nursaw, WilliamCroft EndRO
  AA 232Oldham, Ada MaryField View, High StreetH OH O
aAA 233Oldham, George SimcoDo.      do.N MO
  AA 234Oldham, Fanny ScaldwellThe HolliesOO
  AA 235Parish, AnnieChurch EndH OH O
  AA 236Parish, John AlfredDo.      do.RO
  AA 237Parrott, EleanorGun laneOO
aAA 238Parrott, Frederick MosesChurch EndN MO
  AA 239Parrott, Hannah LouieDo.      do.H OH O
aAA 240Pateman, Albert HarryChurch RoadN MO
  AA 241Pateman, John EdwardHills CourtRO
  AA 242Pateman, Martha KateDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 243Peacock, Ann MaryThe Hut, High StreetOO
  AA 244Pearce, EmmaHigh streetOO
  AA 245Pell, GeorgeGun LaneRO
  AA 246Petts, Arthur HenryChurch EndRO
  AA 247Petts, ElizabethDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 248Petts, ElizaDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 249Petts, JosephDo.      do.RO
  AA 250Pikesley, JosephHigh StreetRO
  AA 251Pikesley, SelinaDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 252Pitkin, Emma Dorothy EvaThe KnollH OH O
aAA 253Pitkin, JohnDo.      do.N MO
  AA 254Robinson, William HerbertChurch RoadRO
  AA 255Robinson, JaneDo.      do.OO
  AA 256Robinson, JonahGun LaneRO
  AA 257Robinson, JaneDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 258Rogers, RosettaChurch EndOO
  AA 259Rose, Charles AlfredWater LaneRO
  AA 260Rose, Rose AnnieDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 261Rose, Henry GeorgeHigh StreetRO
  AA 262Rose, JaneDo.      do.OO
  AA 263Rush, EmmaCroft EndH OH O
  AA 264Rush, SamuelDo.      do.RO
  AA 265Russell, Joseph RushforthBridge HouseRO
  AA 266Russell, GwendolinDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 267Sharpe, Charles WilliamAcacia CottageRO
  AA 268Sharpe, Kate HelenDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 269Slater, Frederick JosephHigh StreetRO
  AA 270Slater, LettieDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 271Slayter, IsaacCroft EndRO
  AA 272Smith, Clara Mary AnnHigh StreetOO
  AA 273Smith, Elizabeth MaryThe Gables, High StreetH OH O
  AA 274Smith, William HenryDo.      do.RO
  AA 275Smith, Elizabeth AnnWater LaneH OH O
  AA 276Smith, John CharlesDo.      do.RO
  AA 277Smith, Elizabeth AnnChurch RoadOO
  AA 278Tatham, AlfredCroft EndRO
  AA 279Tatham, JaneDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 280Tatham, Arthur TheodoreDo.      do.RO
  AA 281Tatham, Janet ChristineDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 282Taylor, Florence MaryManor HouseOO
  AA 283Tillyard, Sarah Ann“Calgary”,Church EndH OH O
  AA 284Tillyard, William GeorgeDo.      do.RO
  AA 285Umney, Albert DayrellChurch EndRO
  AA 286Umney, AlfredHills CourtRO
  AA 287Umney, EmmaDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 288Umney, AnnieCroft endOO
  AA 289Wadsworth, Frederick WilliamCrown and Castle InnRO
  AA 290Wadsworth, KateDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 291Warren, AgnesWater LaneH OH O
aAA 292Warren, GeorgeDo.      do.N MO
  AA 293Warren, Joseph ThomasChurch EndRO
  AA 294Warren, MeriahWater LaneH OH O
  AA 295Warren, WilliamDo.      do.RO
  AA 296Watts, Ann ElizabethHigh StreetH OH O
  AA 297Watts, JosephDo.      do.RO
  AA 298Watts, GeorgeChurch EndRO
  AA 299Watts, IsabellaDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 300Watts>, Thomas CharlesChurch EndRO
  AA 301Weeks, Mary JaneHigh StreetH OH O
  AA 302Weeks, WilliamDo.      do.RO
  AA 303West, EllenCroft EndH OH O
  AA 304West, GeorgeDo.      do.RO
  AA 305West, Elizabeth Mary RoseThe KnollH OH O
  AA 306West, Henry ThomasDo.      do.RO
  AA 307West, Elizabeth AnnPark FarmH OH O
  AA 308West, JephthahDo.      do.RO
  AA 309West, GeorgeLand. (Abode – Newport Pagnell.)B PO
  AA 310West, John FrederickThe KnollRO
  AA 311West, Nellie Rebecca CarterDo.      do.H OH O
  AA 312Woodford, Edith AnnieCroft EndH OH O
aAA 313Woodford, WilliamDo.      do.N MO
  AA 314Worthington, AliceChurch EndOO
  AA 315Wright, KateDo.      do.OO
aAA 316Wright, ErnestDo.      do.N MO
  AA 317Wright, Mary AnneCottage, High StreetH OH O
  AA 318Wright, ThomasDo.      do.RO
  AA 319Wright, AmyChurch EndH OH O
  AA 320Wright, WalterDo.      do.RO
No.Names in full
Surname first
Residence or property occupied
and abode of non-resident occupier.
aAA 321Bailey, Albert HarryOak VillaN M
  AA 322Berrill, WilliamHigh StreetR
aAA 323Borton, Albert WilliamChurch EndN M
aAA 324Borton, JohnDo.      do.N M
aAA 325Bull, Walter HenryGun LaneN M
  AA 326Bull, John JamesDo.      do.R
aAA 327Clutton, JohnManor HouseN M
aAA 328Coleman, Albert ArthurChurch EndN M
  AA 329Cooper, Alfred CharlesChurch RoadR
aAA 330Dunkley, Harry JamesWater LaneN M
aAA 331Fleet, AlbertRowan CottageN M
aAA 332Gore, William Edward42 Broodath LaneN M
  AA 333Hartup, JonathanManor CottageR
aAA 334Hickson, ArchibaldHigh StreetN M
aAA 335Hickson, Frank WilliamDo.      do.N M
aAA 336Jefferson, AlfredMercer’s FarmN M
  AA 337Jefferson, Francis WilliamDo.      do.R
aAA 338Johnson, Thomas AlanChurch EndN M
  AA 339Keys, Walter JosephDo.      do.R
aAA 340Line, BobHigh StreetN M
  AA 341Line, Henry GeorgeChurch EndR
  AA 342Markham, CharlesHills CourtR
aAA 343Moore, JohnMill HouseN M
aAA 344Moore, John Henry GordonDo.      do.N M
  AA 345Rogers, HarryChurch EndR
aAA 346Robinson, SamuelSheringtonN M
aAA 347Saner, Edward Johndo.N M
aAA 348Smith, Harry Donald“The Gables”N M
aAA 349Taylor, John WellesleyManor HouseN M
  AA 350Tillyard, HarryCalgary”,Church EndR
aAA 351Watts, Charles John PowellChurch EndN M
aAA 352Watts, Percy GeorgeWater LaneN M
aAA 353Watts, Frederick WilliamDo.      do.N M
aAA 354West, Frederick GeorgePark FarmN M
aAA 355Wilson, Albert VictorChurch StreetN M
  AA 356Woods, CharlesGriggs FarmR
aAA 357Wright, GeorgeChurch EndN M
aAA 358Wright, Percy WalterDo.      do.N M
No.Names in full
Surname first
Residence or property occupied
and abode of non-resident occupier.
†AA 359Adkins, CyrilWater Lane Farm. (Abode – Woad Farm, Lathbury.)O
  AA 360Adkins, JohnWater Lane Farm. (Abode - Mill Farm, Gayhurst.)O
  AA 361Brett, GeorgeLand. (Abode - Filgrave.)O
  AA 362Brooks, Susan EllenHills CourtO
†AA 363Brown, Thomas CharlesLand. (Abode - Emberton.)O
†AA 364Jefferson, John EdwardChicheley Hill Field. (Abode - Chicheley.)O
  AA 365Reynolds, HenryLand. (Abode - The Green, Newport Pagnell.)O
†AA 366Turney, CharlesFar Side Farm. (Abode – Hill Farm,Chicheley.)O

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