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1911 Census - Original Forms

This was the first census where the head of each household, rather than the enumerator, was responsible for completing the census form him/herself. A typical example of one of the forms is shown below. This for the Pateman family who lived in Gun Lane in the 2up & 2down thatched cottage which used to be opposite the White Hart (now the site of 8 Gun Lane). This is no. 22 in the census list, and is Plot no. 167 in the 1910 Land Survey. The whole family were born in Sherington. John Pateman and his wife Kate had been married for 24 years and had 4 other children apart from those listed, although one had since died.

Also shown below is an typical extract from the Enumerator's Summary Book. This extract lists Church End (i.e. what is now Park Road and Church End), part of Gun lane and part of the High Street.

The address panel and Enumerator's page from another of the census forms (that for Walter Wright of Calve's End) is also shown below.

A full set of original forms is available on the official 1911 Census web site, although it is necessary to purchase credits to view them. There is also a charge to view their transcripts (which do not cover all the information on the forms), but searching is free. The forms can also viewed online, free of charge, in the Reading Room at the National Archives in Kew, although there is a charge for printed copies.

Typical 1911 Census Form: Pateman family of Gun Lane
1911 Census - Extract from Enumerator's Summary Book for Sherington
1911 Census - Typical address label - Walter Wright, Calves End
1911 Census - Typical Enumerator's section from the census form

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