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Family History was the topic of the May 2007 SHS meeting, when SHS member Gillian Nursaw-Smith presented details of various family history resources and where to look for information. A useful check list of these sources was circulated to all SHS members with the August 2007 Newsletter. This information is presented here.

S & N Genealogy - Telephone 01722 716121
On Line information via:
Books and written data re: Local History and parish records. Family memories
Name corruptions

Apart from the Family Search site most of the others require details of names to correspond with the details on their data. The data is only as good as the input and first names can show as initials. First names can show as nick names e.g. Lizzie for Elizabeth. The surnames can easily be corrupted e.g. Wynn instead of Winn. Do not make assumptions that the current name (as at 2007) is the original spelling or that the name has always been spelt the same way. In many cases the census writers transposed information incorrectly and sometimes families directly connected have ended up with slight differences in the surname.

Gillian Nursaw-Smith
May 2007




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