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St Laud's Marriages 1698 to 1812 - Philimore

Please Note: As the Historical Society now has access to its own digital copy of the Registers, it is recommended that you use the Society's own transcriptions of the Marriages for your research, in preference to Philimore's, see Volume 1, Volume 2 or Volume 3. They contain slightly more information, e.g. details of the Witnesses, and a small number of errors in Philimore's version have been corrected in the Society's version. The Philimore transcription is still available below as it is itself a historical document.

The marriages in the St Laud's parish registers for 1698 to 1812 were transcribed by W P W Phillimore & Co and published in 1907 in Volume 3 of a set of nine volumes covering the whole of Buckinghamshire.

The information here is a transcription of Phillimore's Sherington pages, rather than a direct transcription of the original registers. Note: any errors in the original transcription will therefore have been repeated.

To assist you in finding the information for particular individuals, the data is also presented alphabetically by groom's surname and by the bride's maiden name.

                    Original order by date       A-Z Groom's name       A-Z Bride's name

Parish Register Parish Register   Click one of the thumbnails to see the Parish Register pages for 1718-1719.

Phillimore's Introduction to the Sherington Section

NOTE.-The Register Books of Sherington commence 1698.

Vol. I., containing entries of Baptisms, Marriages and Burials from 1698-1718, has eight parchment leaves, 16 ins. x 6¾ ins,

Vol. II., containing similar entries from 1718-1797, has 51 parchment leaves 12 ins. x 7½ ins, and six paper leaves. The latter contains only a Register of Briefs from 1719-1730; list of Rectors instituted from A.D. 1400-1884, and other memoranda.

Vol. III. The Marriage Register book from Nov.10, 1754, to Dec. 6, 1812. Folio 42, paper leaves, 16½ ins. x 11 ins containing 332 entries. These Marriages were extracted by the Rev. CampbeIl Lock In 1898, and are now printed by leave of the Rev. J. M. Geden, Rector of Sherington.


There are 473 marriages recorded. The groom's name is provided in every case, but ten brides are not named and five dates are not stated.

In Phillimore's original, the year is shown by 'ditto' marks when there is more than one marriage in any year. In several cases in Volume 2, and one in Volume 1, the ditto marks continue after December into entries with months such as January, February, March. The picture of the 1718 Register shows that this is how it is recorded in the original register. This is because, until the Gegorian Calendar was adopted in September 1752, the year started on 25th March. There are also two odd dates of 1774 between the 1741 and 1742 entries, which should probably be 1741. These entries are indicated by a '?' in the Comments column.

The place of origin is only stated when the bride or groom were not from Sherington.

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