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Prisoners at Aylesbury Gaol

The Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies at Aylesbury has a feature on its web site giving details of prisoners at Aylesbury Gaol. It includes some who were either born or lived in Sherington in the period 1859 to 1878.

See the Centre for Buckinghamshire Studies web site for further details. It includes a searchable database and a useful guide to doing further research.

Surname Forenames Age Birthplace Residence Crime Sentence Date entered gaol Occupation Parent
CourseJohn Thomas17SheringtonSheringtonStealing beer42 days17 October 1871Sawyer's labourerGeorge Course
HerbyJohn16WollastonSheringtonStealing 2 fowl14 days22 November 1872Basket makerJoseph Herby
SlayterFrederick14SheringtonNewport PagnellStealing a pair of boots14 days
and 4 years
reformatory school
29 August 1878Rush mat makerDead
SmithEdwin19SheringtonSheringtonStealing bread21 days12 February 1873Mat makerJames Smith
TeagleJames57Newport PagnellSheringtonDrunk and disorderly14 days9 May 1878ShoemakerDead
In heathen ignorance
-26 March 1859Mat maker-
WardAlfred17Newport PagnellSheringtonStealing 2 fowl14 days22 November 1872Basket makerThomas Ward
WarrenAbraham50SheringtonSherington--17 November 1859Agricultural labourer-
                    Edwin Smith                           John Thomas Course
Edwin SmithJohn Thomas Course
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