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Sherington Seamen

The following people from Sherington are included in the online database at the National Archives in Kew as having served in the Royal Navy or Merchant Navy. Further details are available on the National Archives website, see, where copies of documents (e.g. World War 1 medal card) may be purchased.

Surname Christian names Official Number Date Cat ref Document
Brooks Harry Charles K14798 1 June 1893 ADM 188/896 Royal Navy Registers of Seamen's Services
Coleman Cyril Arthur J8232 21 February 1894 188/663 Royal Navy Registers of Seamen's Services
Hickson Harry - 1887 BT351/1 WW1 Medal Card,
Register of Shipping and Seamen:
Index of First World War
Mercantile Marine Medals and
the British War Medal
Line Arthur Edward Rufus F23247 22 October 1887 188/606 Register of Seaman's Services



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