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Thomas Ilvester Lloyd

1873 - 1942

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Thomas Ivester-Lloyd was born in Liverpool, in the year of 1873. We are unsure on where Thomas grew up, but during World War I Thomas saw service in France in 1914 with the Remount Service, and was later commissioned into the British Artillery.

The War Office British Empire Exhibition in Wembley contained thirty dioramas of battles in British history painted by Thomas Ivester-Lloyd.

The majority of his work was sporting, and he illustrated the British section of Sir John Buchanan Jardine’s Hounds of the World.

He spent most of his life in and around Sherington, where he became Master of the Sherington Foot Beagles as well as being a pillar in the community. He lived in Roadside Cottage in Park Road.

He illustrated a number of books, and became very famous for his hound sketches. Many people thought his horse portraiture was some of the best of his time. He painted a series of beagling pictures and a variety of hunting scenes, working both in oil and watercolour. The majority of Thomas Ivester-Lloyd’s work was serious, but he also made some humorous illustrations.

As far as we are aware he never exhibited his work.

The artist died in 1942.




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