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St Laud's Parish Register - Volume 1

The following copies of pages in the first St Laud's Parish Register are available. It covers Baptisms, Marriages and Burials between 1698 and 1718. There are 16 pages. Because the page size is long and thin, separate photographs were taken of the top and bottom of each page.

Page 1 (top)       Page 1 (bottom)
Page 2 (top)       Page 2 (middle)       Page 2 (bottom)
Page 3 (top)       Pages 2 and 3 (middle)       Page 3 (bottom)
Page 4 (top)       Page 4 (bottom)
Page 5 (top)       Page 5 (bottom)
Page 6 (top)       Page 6 (bottom)
Page 7 (top)       Page 7 (bottom)
Page 8 (top)       Page 8 (bottom)
Page 9 (top)       Page 9 (bottom)
Page 10 (top)       Page 10 (bottom)
Page 11 (top)       Page 11 (bottom)
Page 12 (top)       Page 12 (bottom)
Page 13 (top)       Page 13 (bottom)
Page 14 (top)       Page 14 (bottom)
Page 15 (top)       Page 15 (bottom)
Page 16 (top)       Page 16 (bottom)



The St Laud's Parochial Church Council has given Sherington Historical Society permission to take digital photographs of each page in all the Parish Registers, for use in family history research. However, entries less than 100 years old (i.e. after 1912) have not been copied.

The original photos held by the Society are 2048x1536 pixels. The copies available on this web site are lower resolution to fit computer screens and facilitate download, so may lack some detail. They have been processed digitally to correct for fade and the contrast/brightness has been adjusted in order to improve clarity. The digital photos are generally much clearer than copies previously made by the older microfilm technology.


If you spot a mistake in any of the transcriptions, please tell us, so we can correct it.


All the information on the St Laud's Parish Registers, the transcriptions, and photos are copyright and are made available for the purposes of private family history research only. They may not be republished in any form elsewhere without obtaining prior permission. Any use for commercial purposes is prohibited.

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