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School Newspaper - 1957/8

The Sherington News (Senior Edition) - Part 2

September 24, 1957. This morning on the radio I herd that five young men were found in a lifeboat of the sailing ship that was sunk. For the last two days there has been a severe storm at sea now it has come over this country.

September 26, 1957. This morning it is fine and the sun is shining very brightly but the ground is still sodden. For the last two days it has been pouring with rain.

September 18th 1957. This morning I have brought a bunch of flowers. There are some golden rod and there are some stocks. I think the stocks are best because they have got a sweet smell.

When we were singing a hymn this morning a ginger cat ran across the field and when it got there it stared in the classroom. Last night Sylvia Sheila and I went down cross end and saw the trolley races Michael Temple came first half way the trevor bennett over took and won.

Sherington News

September 27th. Last night Cynthia and I went down Mr Cooks farm to get some straw for our pet rabbits. Cynthia has a little baby rabbit I have a big one. We asked Mr Cook for it. We also got some leaves. On the way back we saw Michael Temple and Trevor Bennet on some trolleys. They were having races and Trevor Bennet won.

B. Umney, September 19th 1957. One night I herd a bottel fall over. I looked out of the window and there was a enormouse hedgehog. Mr smith rolled it on to the lawn and it ran all about the lawn. It ran in a funny way and it disappeared into the hedge.

When we were playing football, five calves came up to the fence, and one of them came in the field. At the same time one got back to the field. Then when we came in Jenny, went to tell Mr Walkins that they were out of the field and Mr Walkins, David, and Lassie came and took them back.

Last night when I was in the house I heard an owl hoot in the tres in greens field. Then it stopped and there were some dogs barking and some one hammering too. Then the hoot was not so near it was fainter than before. I could still hear the hammering.

Sept 27th It has been raining for nearly two days this week, but we woke up to a fine day on Thursday and it has been fine since then. When we go to fetch the ball the mud sticks to our shoes. Now it is sunny and I hope it will stay like it for some time.

Sherington News

September 27th. On Wednesday I was stung on my heel by a wasp and my foot is so swollen that I can hardly walk. Thursday I went to see Dr. Clay and he gave me some medicine and a box of ointment.

September 27th It has been raining for two days and our field is terribly muddy. The workmens van got stuck in the mud and it took at least five minutes before the van started moving. We have two kittens and they are about four months old. Last Sunday we took them to be doctored and found out that one was a female and one was a male. Their names are Blitzer and Donner.

Yesterday when we went to the library we saw a cock pheasant. It had a long tail, a red patch on its eye more pretty colours on it. When we got there I got a book called Biggles and Jennings. I have read half of Biggles. Peter Austen came as well, his books were mysteries.

Oct 4 M.T. Today there are only twenty people at school and all the rest have got flu. Agnes was outside yesterday and Ian Donnelly was out too.

Sherington News

Sept 27. Last night after I had had my tea my older brother and I went up the old army camp. We were going to some big stones for a rockery. After a little while we had quite a big pile. Then I got board and we put the stones on it and carried them home. Today it is Gladys Irelands last day at school for tomorrow she is moving to Clifton Raynhg.

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