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The Sherington News (Senior Edition) - Part 6

Sherington News

M.Temple. Yesterday it was very foggy and there was a bad train crash. At seven o clock today we are playing football in the fog tomorrow I am going to the pictures to see Tommy Steel. (drawing of football match).

Brian Moore. Feb 3. A few days ago the Monte Carlo rally started, among those who started at Paris was 331 which was the Sportsview car. When they got to the first check point Peter Dimmock asked them a few questions the army driver said that one car went up the wrong road and then they started to reverse while they were being waved on by a policeman, he had a smashed front. So they went on. They could take films because on the back doors there was a safety strap, which let the man lean out. On the way they saw many of the cars in the ditch. Then they themselves got stuck, and they were an hour late at Monte Carlo.

Jackie Coles. On Sunday it is my birthday. I will be ten years old. I am going to have some roller skates and a satchel and I might have a party. At Sunday school I will ask for a stamp to fill a square where it says birthday stamp and I will have the bumps.

Sherington News

Feb 3. B. Umney. I and Michet Temple Brian Odell Dave Coles went down the river. We threw pieces of wood in the river and the ice dident crack so brian Odell said I am going on the ice. I said no don’t go on there it will break. Then I threw another piece of wood and the ice cracked and broke. Then Michael sidd the ice would hold you. The I found a cain and I used it for a spear. After a while went home.

Feb.3. A. Cruikshanks. Yesterday it was my birthday. My presents were a pair of gloves, a box of chocs and a pencil box full of pencils. At church at the end of the service I had the bumps. After dinner my dad fetched my uncle and auntie over and we had a good time together.

Yesterday when I got home I had my tea and I went to Olney and the man on the bus said are you going to get some chips and I said no. when I got of the bus I whent to my aunties and my cramp gave me a bun and put three in a bag and then I went to catch the bus and when I got home I when down to Jackie nans to se telivision……… P.Wiseman.

Thersday night Colin Maxwell and Michael Moore and Michael Smith and Roger White and I whent cross country running and we had to go though a pond and a ditch. Roger White nearly got stuck in the ditch and when I had been another lap he was just getting out. Michael Smith come second and Moore came third Colin had to go home and Roger was last. .. Roger Chapman.

Sherington News

Yesterday michael Jackie cynthia and I went to mr cooks farm. We saw some baby lambs and we went up the binns we allso saw a lame lamb and it keep falling over in the road and michael tried to pick it up but he could not. But it would not move so then we got to the of it got up and ran in the farm yard.

16th June, Jennifer Stephens. Last Saturday was the church fete. It was held in the grounds of Bancroft Manor which is the home of the Rev. and Mrs Sparling. …. The fete was opened by Sir Robert Fraser O.B.E. who is the chairman of the ITV. His wife was also present. … There were several side shows including rolling the ball, Treasure hunt, Penny in the bucket, picking the straw, Guessing the weight of the cake and guessing how many sweets in the bottle. The main attractions were the Bedford Morris Men and the Stoke Goldington Hand Bell ringers. ….. My sister and I were raising money by ourselves. I was raffeling a cushion which I had embroidered myself and Pat had made a cake and was taking it round and asking people to guess it weight. She raised £1 – 4s and I raised £1 – 12s – 9d….. At the back of the manor Mrs Moore, Mrs Duncombe and Mrs Hockenall were serving cups of tea sandwhiches and cakes. Tables were set out on the lawn with chairs round them. It was very pleasant to sit and enjoy your tea there. e have collected over eighty pounds.

June 16th, 1958. Sandra Middleton. Last Saturday at Bancroft Manor, was the Church Fete. In the Manor live the Rev. and Mrs. Sparling. …… Sir Robert Fraser O.B.E. the chairman of ITV. Opend the Fete, and his wife Lady Fraser was also there. ….. There were a few side shows including Treasure Hunt, Magic Beads, and sixpence in the bucket. In the last of these you drop a penny into the bucket to try and cover the sixpence if you cover it you win the sixpence. …. The Bedford Morris Men and the Stoke Goldington Hand Bell Ringers also came. At the back of the house tea and cakes were served by Mrs Moore, Mrs Hockenhall, and Mrs Duncombe. … There were a few raffles one for a cushion made by Jennifer Stephens, one for a box of groceries and another for a box of fruit…… Diana and Stella Rollinson sold button holes and so did Sylvia Keech. Anne Britton from Emberton served ices and drink. It was a lovely day and I think a reasonable amount of money was collected for the church.

16 June R.C. yesterday I went to Wickstead park. I looked at the boats and then we went on a watershoot and got splashed and then we had tea. After tea we went on the boats and went raond the hilland and bumped into a lot of boats and I had to bump somebody to the shore because because they could not rowh. When I got out I was sweating. And Colin was soaked in wet allofair himself. Then we went on the tran and it was called the Lady of the Lake and then my mother said go and get some sweets. At teatime a lady came to my mother and said have you seen a girl dressed in a yellow dres , she had lost her little girl…… 16 June. R.C. On Saturday I went to the fete and saw the Bedford Morris men and the bell ringers. I bought sweets and a lollipop and drink it started at 3oclock. And it ended at 6 oclock. I bought a Milky Way and a lot more sweets and I had a go on the roll a ball and I tried to knck some skittles down. I also trid to cover a sixpence over with a penny. My highest score on the rollerball was six.

Monday June 16th. On Saturday I got up at a quarter to five, because I was going to Bognor Regis, with Coale’s outing. We started out at half – past six, and got to Bognor at half – past eleven. We went to round the shops, but we didn’t buy anything. After that we went to have are dinner, I had roast chicken, potatoes, cabbage, gravy, and for sweet I had rice pudding. Then I had a cup of coffee. When we had walked down to the pier, my father and I had a ride in a motor boat. Then we went to have some goes at the bingo. We went to buy some rock and then we had our tea. After that we walked slowly up, and we set off for home at half past five and got home at a quarter to twelve.

June 16th 1958. Alan Garratt. Last Sunday I found a baby charfinch, the cat had got it and was playing with it. On Saturday I went to see the Bridge over the river kwai it was a scene during the second world war. On Sunday I went to Northampton with dad to get some meat. On Sunday night I went to see the football match between Northern Irland and west Germany, they drew 2 all. McParland scored for Irland. Last Tuesday it was my birthday, I was 10.

On Saturday it was the Church Fete. There were grocery and sweet stalls. It was opened by Sir Robert Fraser who is Mrs Harris’s son in law. There were lots of side shows including skittles, pick a straw, cover the sixpence, Tresure Hunt, Magic beads and roll a ball and other things. Stella and Diana sold buttonholes. Special attractions were The Bedford Morris Men and the Stoke handbell ringers …J. Brown.

Yesterday Stephen went to see the sites of London with John, Judith, Belinda, Mr and Mrs Clare and Mr and Mrs Stanley. First of all they went to London Airport and then they went into the heart of London. They saw the houses of parliament, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, the Thames No 10 Downing Street Nelson’s Column, the horse Guarards Parade, The Salvation army band and many other things. They got home about 8 o’clock.

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